Think of H2O design the same way a baseball team uses a closer. The architect will reserve a space usually just a rectangle and dimensions that they will hand over to the H2O design team. We will analyze the theme of the house whether it is Colonial, Spanish, Mediterranean, Cap Cod, Mid-Century or Art Deco. We use all the energy and creativity from the architects home design and match it with a pool that is not only inviting for family and friends but a visual piece of art. The H2O pool design becomes the focal point of the home. We also create exquisite water features, reflection pools, impeccable fountains and work with latest in ozone technology for chemical free pools that enhance everything about the property. Are designs include a complete layout of the mechanical featuresĀ as well.



Once the pool is filled and operating our team of preservationist provide the utmost care in preserving the space so it looks exactly like the day you moved in. For us is not about raking leaves, dropping in chlorine and running to the next job. We take our time using some of the most advance equipment on the market to make sure every tile, jet and feature of the pool is functioning perfectly.