H2O Design has over 25 years of pool design, contruction and service offering some of the most creative concepts around the art of of pool design. H2O, works with what is given to us always incorporating the natural beauty of the land while giving homeowner not only a pool to swim in but a piece of art that enhances the property. We specializes single dwelling construction that sells for upward of 20 million dollars. We are one of the premier pool design firms in the country and work directly with top home builders in the US and the archetectual firms around the globe.

H2O has one mission to provide you with a pool that is unique to your home and your taste. We have crafted a unique approach to design. With world-class concepts and taste your pool area becomes a place of gathering place year round no matter what the weather. Seamless, functional and clean is how each H2O pool designs comes out when finished.